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Steve has been involved in the visual arts for the past 40 years. He began his career as an illustrator in the aerospace industry. Working his way through the ranks to senior art director, he produced illustrations and publications for marketing and training efforts.

In the mid eighties he served as an art director for a few mid to large independent design firms, opening his own studio in the late eighties. Based in Southern CA he was able to secure strong accounts in the food, automotive, entertainment, and consumer electronics industries.

After developing a unique illustration style, Steve was able to gain representation and enjoyed success as a freelance illustrator. This led to his journey into expressing himself as a fine artist and brought about a whole new visual experience for him to explore.

Steve draws his inspiration from three basic areas. The first being his own unique style of illustration, nature makes a very important contribution, and finally allowing his imagination to wander. His sculpture has been in part a direct evolution of his illustration style. The balance comes simply from what if.

In the future, Steve hopes to apply his talent to public art large outdoor sculptural projects. Meanwhile please check-in from time to time to view his latest work.


  • Across-the-Marsh
  • Bayou Momma
  • Dandelions
  • Eastern Aphrodite
  • Sea Side
  • Tattoo

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